We don’t just love Cannabis because of the Psychoactive High. In fact there are plenty of benefits to experience from Non Psychoactive Cannabinoids like CBD, CBN and CBG.

Regardless of why you use the Plant are you aware of the 6 Major Therapeutic benefits that Cannabis has to offer? Next time you’re arguing with a relative about why you use Cannabis feel free to reference this list.

The best part? You don’t have to use Psychoactive Cannabinoids to reap the rewards Cannabis has to offer. While using THC and CBD together might provide a more beneficial outcome there’s always a THC Free option that’s up to the task.

Read on to learn more about the top 6 therapeutic benefits of Cannabis.

Stress & Anxiety Relief

Whether used Recreationally or Medicinally chances are you or a friend uses Cannabis to reduce stress and anxiety. The plant’s beneficial promotion of relaxation and peace of mind makes it an exceptional tool for those struggling with mental health issues.

Due to Cannabis having a relaxing nature it can also help reduce depression symptoms and help you see the world in a new light. This is true for both popular Cannabinoids, THC and CBD.

Pain Relief

Medical Cannabis patients and even some Recreational users look to Cannabis for its analgesic benefits, AKA promoting pain relief. Various cultures worldwide have celebrated this aspect of Cannabis and used it in Topicals, Salves and Beverages to treat pain throughout the body. 

It can treat both recurring chronic and temporary pain. Both primary Cannabinoids THC and CBD are praised for their pain relieving benefits. Sometimes they work even better when used together.

Better Sleep

We mentioned that Cannabis can promote relaxation and peace of mind. In many cases some insomniacs can’t fall asleep because they feel restless or are riddled with late night anxious thoughts.

So because of Marijuana’s relaxing properties it can help individuals fall asleep faster. Furthermore the Non Psychoactive Cannabinoid CBN does wonders for promoting a good night’s sleep without feeling lethargic the next day.

Anti Inflammatory

There are various Cannabinoids in Cannabis that can promote anti inflammatory benefits most notably THC, CBD and CBG. These plant compounds can dramatically reduce inflammation while promoting relaxation throughout the body.

Cannabis can relieve inflammation internally and externally be it from an infection or typical muscle and joint inflammation. It can be used topically through a salve or lotion or ingested to promote your desired effects.

Appetite Stimulation

According to National Initiative For Eating Disorders roughly 1 million Canadians have been diagnosed with an eating disorder. The National Eating Disorders Association notes that over 30 million Americans suffer from eating disorders.

Cannabis is known to promote what’s called “the munchies” where users will snack on various foods after using the plant. However the munchies are a result of appetite stimulation which can benefit those with eating disorders and also help tame nausea and promote an appetite in cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy.

Concentration & Focus

It might not seem like it but Cannabis can be used as a tool for focus and concentration even throughout the workday. You don’t have to get high to experience this benefit as Cannabinoids like CBD and CBG are known to promote focus and overall well being.

Using Cannabis could help improve focus in those struggling with ADD and ADHD by calming the mind and body, easing the occurrence of racing thoughts and promoting a longer attention span that lets you dive deep into your daily tasks.

Final Thoughts

Cannabis has been used for centuries as a Medicinal Herb. Whether smoked, eaten or absorbed the various Cannabinoids in Cannabis present a long list of benefits that are still incredibly relevant in the modern day. From sleep promotion to reduced Anxiety and Depression, Cannabis could be the saving grace you’ve been looking for.