Organic Cannabis Farming is a method of growing Cannabis that prioritizes Sustainability, Health & Quality. Organic Farming methods focus on Natural Processes & Inputs to create a healthy & fertile soil environment. In contrast to Conventional Farming, Organic Farming does not rely on Synthetic Pesticides, Herbicides or Fertilizers.

How our farm is different ?

  • Soil: Organic Cannabis Farming starts with the soil. Soil is the foundation for Healthy & Thriving Plants. Organic Soil should be rich in organic matter, including compost & should be free from synthetic fertilizers, pesticides & herbicides. Organic soil also requires regular testing to ensure that it is balanced in PH & nutrient levels.
  • Seeds & genetics: We use Organic Seeds & Genetics whenever possible. Organic Seeds are grown without synthetic pesticides or fertilizers & are not genetically modified. Organic genetics are strains that have been selectively bred over time to optimize the plant's health & resistance to pests &  disease.
  • Pest & disease control: We prioritize natural pest & disease control methods. These methods include introducing beneficial insects & predators to control pests using companion planting to deter pests & using organic pesticides & fungicides as a last resort. In addition, We use integrated pest management techniques to prevent pest & disease outbreaks before they occur.
  • Water management: Water is a precious resource & us being a Organic Cannabis Farm we prioritize water conservation & management. Our farm uses water efficient irrigation systems such as drip irrigation, capture and re-use rainwater. We also avoid overwatering & monitor soil moisture levels to ensure plants receive the right amount of water.
  • Harvesting & processing: We prioritize quality over quantity & this extends to the harvesting & processing of the plants. Harvesting is done at the optimal time to ensure the highest quality flower. Processing is done carefully to avoid damaging the delicate trichomes that contain the plant's Cannabinoids & Terpenes. We also follow strict testing & quality control standards to ensure that the final product is safe & free from contaminants.

Overall, Organic Cannabis Farming is a holistic approach to Growing Cannabis that prioritizes Sustainability, Health & Quality. By using Natural Methods & Inputs, Organic Cannabis Farms can produce High Quality Cannabis while also protecting the environment & preserving natural resources.