About us


We are an Organic Cannabis Farm dedicated to providing our customers with high quality, sustainable Cannabis products. Our mission is to promote a healthy & natural lifestyle by offering a wide range of Cannabis products that are free from harmful chemicals & pesticides.

Our commitment to Organic Farming practices is reflected in the quality of our products. We use only the best seeds & cultivate our Cannabis plants in nutrient rich soil without the use of synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. This ensures that our plants are healthy & strong producing robust & flavourful flower.

We believe in transparency & honesty which is why we provide detailed information about our cultivation process & lab testing results. We want our customers to feel confident in their purchases & trust that they are getting the best products available.

Our Product Line includes a variety of Strains each with its own unique characteristics & effects. Whether you are looking for a relaxing Indica or a energizing Sativa we have something for everyone. We also offer a range of Cannabis infused products such as Edibles, Tinctures & Topicals to provide a convenient & discreet way to consume cannabis.

At our core we are passionate about Cannabis & the benefits it can provide. We believe in the healing properties of this plant & are dedicated to spreading awareness & education about its many uses. We strive to be leaders in the industry setting the standard for High Quality Sustainable Cannabis products.




Nature knows best. 

At Sol Food Premium Cannabis we harness the true potential of nature. We feed & sustain our plants using completely natural inputs like sunlight, rainwater & living soil. It’s a living ecosystem that delivers a Certified Organic difference in Flavour, Aroma & Experience. Carefully crafted by nature & brought to life through our personalized organic growing methods.

Join us in our mission to cultivate High Quality Cannabis side by side with natural processes.


Our Cannabis is grown in living soil. It is a living thriving ecosystem full of beneficial microbes, enzymes & minerals. Our ingredients are sourced from all over Uganda including rock dust, molasses syrup & Fish meal.

Sol Food Premium Cannabis custom living soil delivers the perfect environment for our plant roots to thrive.

The organisms within our living soil take care of the plant.

This community approach to our ecosystem means that our soil doesn’t become less fertile as the plant grows but instead the living soil becomes more fertile with every crop cycle. The result a healthier & stronger plant that keeps improving over time.


Our Hybrid Greenhouse is designed to bring the best of nature indoors. A combination of sun & full spectrum LED light gives our greenhouse the versatility it needs to deliver Quality Flower.

We use only naturally purified rainwater & bore water to keep our plants hydrated. All water used for growing our plants comes from captured rainwater that is naturally purified using our many carbon filters. We recapture this water again from underneath the soil beds to keep our environmental impact low & our water is 100% naturally sourced. To ensure our plants are kept at just the right temperature we leverage our fan flow aeration system that maximizes clean airflow from the bottom upward, through the nets.


Our harvesting team hand selects only the top colas from our plants reserved for our Sol Food Premium Cannabis custom Glass Jars. Each Flower is then delicately hand finished to preserve its Natural Shape & Trichome integrity.


After being dried for a specific duration our Flower will continue to cure for over 21 days to build Flavour & Aroma.

Our custom Glass Jars allow this process to continue even after our Flower has been packaged further enriching Terpene's & Flavour's that are waiting to be enjoyed.



Our mission is to cultivate and distribute High Quality Organic Cannabis products that empower our customers to live healthier and happier lives. We believe that Cannabis is a powerful natural medicine that can benefit people from all walks of life and we are committed to making this medicine accessible to everyone.


We are a team of passionate and dedicated Cannabis enthusiasts who are committed to using sustainable and Organic Farming practices to produce the highest quality Cannabis products. We believe that the health and well being of our customers is paramount and we are committed to using only the finest organic ingredients in our products.

We take great pride in our work and strive to be the best in the industry. We invest heavily in research and development and are always seeking out new and innovative ways to improve our products and processes. Our team is made up of experts in every aspect of the Cannabis industry from cultivation to distribution and we are constantly working to raise the bar for quality and excellence.


We offer a wide range of Premium Organic Cannabis products including Flower, Pre-Rolls, Concentrates and Edibles. We take great care in selecting the finest strains and using only the best extraction methods to produce our products. Our products are lab tested and certified to ensure their quality and purity. We are committed to transparency in all aspects of our business.


We believe that Cannabis has the power to change lives. We are committed to providing our customers with the Highest Quality Organic Cannabis products that are safe, effective and affordable. We are dedicated to building long term relationships with our customers and are always available to answer any questions or concerns they may have.

Thank you for considering Sol Food Premium Cannabis as your Cannabis provider. We look forward to serving you and helping you live your best life.



Organic Cannabis Farming is a method of growing Cannabis that prioritizes Sustainability, Health & Quality. Organic Farming methods focus on natural processes & inputs to create a healthy & fertile soil environment. In contrast to conventional farming, Organic Farming does not rely on synthetic pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers.


  • SOIL: Organic Cannabis Farming starts with the soil. Soil is the foundation for healthy & thriving plants. Organic soil should be rich in organic matter including compost & should be free from synthetic fertilizers, pesticides & herbicides. Organic soil also requires regular testing to ensure that it is balanced in pH & nutrient levels.
  • SEEDS & GENETICS: We use Organic Seeds & Genetics whenever possible. Organic seeds are grown without synthetic pesticides or fertilizers & are not genetically modified. Organic Genetics are strains that have been selectively bred over time to optimize the plant's health & resistance to pests &  disease.
  • PEST & DISEASE CONTROL: We prioritize natural pest & disease control methods. These methods include introducing beneficial insects & predators to control pests using companion planting to deter pests & using Organic Pesticides & Fungicides as a last resort. In addition, We use integrated pest management techniques to prevent pest & disease outbreaks before they occur.
  • WATER MANAGEMENT: Water is a precious resource & us being a Organic Cannabis Farm we prioritize water conservation & management. Our Farm uses water efficient irrigation systems such as drip irrigation, capture and re-use rainwater. We also avoid overwatering & monitor soil moisture levels to ensure plants receive the right amount of water.
  • HARVESTING & PROCESSING: We prioritize Quality over Quantity & this extends to the harvesting & processing of the plants. Harvesting is done at the optimal time to ensure the Highest Quality Flower. Processing is done carefully to avoid damaging the delicate Trichomes that contain the plant's Cannabinoids & Terpenes. We also follow strict Testing & Quality Control standards to ensure that the final product is safe & free from contaminants.

Overall, Organic Cannabis Farming is a holistic approach to growing Cannabis that prioritizes Sustainability, Health & Quality. By using natural methods & inputs, Organic Cannabis Farms can produce High Quality Cannabis while also protecting the environment & preserving Natural Resources.